Photo Art
Dance of Lights: An ongoing series of work, where shots have been captured to provide a surreal treatment to every piece of art, with light as the subject of each work. The current highlight of the series is a pair of artworks called 'The Dance of Lights - urban streets'. Currently awaiting an exhibition before being available for full public viewing.

Street and Destination Photography
Capturing people, places and situations. Every photographer's journey does have a bit of this always. I strongly believe that one needs to have 'photographer's luck' to get some good pictures in street photography.

Every picture has a story to tell. Most of the works in this section will be dwelling on the artistic and aesthetic side; trying to tell some story.

Nature & more
Currently showing a series of Seascapes captured over different places across 5 years. Some of the works have been digitally enhanced to provide a different mood and feeling to each. Sea can carry unlimited moods and character and it can never be enough to capture all of it.

People and Portraits
People make a society, society makes a culture and cultures put togethers make a whole civilization.

Every face has a story to tell and it can convey a lot about the environment or situation around it. Something which can freeze history or culture in a frame.

"The universe is a pretty big place. If it's just us, seems like an awful waste of space."

Carl Sagan (Contact)



Coming soon....
I have never exhibited my work yet. I plan to have my first exhibition some time sooner.

Past Exhibits

Private Print Circulations
The Munich Calendar Project 2011
The Play of Lights

Recent Projects